Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happiness for Others is Important

There has been an ever growing issue since human kind has found the need to be competitive, in which people have stopped becoming happy for others success. This negative attitude is a key factor for your personal dissatisfaction in yourself and results in a mental depression. The times in which you are angry and insulted by other peoples success because you believe it was unjustly earned by a fellow competitor is when inner depression is conjured. Such feelings of hatred and anger are not the right way to treat such an event. One must embrace and truly feel happy for someone else's success. There is a difference between telling yourself you are happy for them and truly being happy. The only way to ever enjoy life and value your blessings, skills and talents is when you are mentally prepared to understand not all success will be awarded to you. However, that doesn't make you any less capable of the feats your fellow competitors have achieved. It's all about getting up after being knocked down. Like Rocky said it's not about how many punches you can make, but it's about how many punches you can take and still get up. Have a mindset to work hard towards your goal even when you want to quit, feel distressed or wanting to put the task aside as to fall victim to daily distractions and time consumers (using computer, watching t.v. etc). Don't dwell on a loss for more than an hour because you can't spare anymore hours of your life dwelling on such things. Their has to also be an understanding that it's never too late. If you want to play a sport professionally, but you haven't been given the opportunity and you believe your too old to ever make it, than you will never achieve your dream. My belief is that if you're good enough you will make it. It doesn't matter if your 25 and still haven't been drafted for a professional football team because if your 25 and really good you will make it. Simple fact just hard to embrace. If you want to achieve your dream, you must be willing to feel truly happy for others success, have a clear mindset and understand that it's never too late to do anything as long as you are really good at it.