Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paper is valuable?

It seems that one of the things people cherish is an award, whether it be a piece of paper with your name on it or a metal trophy its all the same. Awards are what people work for, the push behind the stride to strive and the smile after the results, but I think people have it all wrong. I used to be like that until recently, I measured my success, my blessings, even my worth through how many awards I had compared to competitors. It has only been a few months since I've had this amazing change in the way I look at things. I started realizing that awards, trophies and recognition was all decorations of life, that are fake and misleading ways to motivate you to do something in this world. What does a paper represent? It only represents successful results. However, how can a paper express how hard you worked? Or the sacrifices you made? The mental distress after a failure? The point is, it can't. Don't let your life be captivated by the desire for an award. This doesn't mean don't aim for success, 'cause that's the polar opposite of my point. What I'm trying to say is constantly aim for success, but do it for the right reasons. Don't aim for the award, the glory, the recognition, but aim for bettering yourself and using your success to bring success for others. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if your the smartest student in your school, because if your not going to educate others with your knowledge than your skill dies with you and that means you wasted an opportunity for someone else to be a greater person. Don't let a piece of paper mean that much to you, cause it doesn't prove anything to yourself, it only shows you the outcome and makes you forget about the work. It's always about the work, just 'cause you got your name on a piece paper that should not be a source of happiness, the true happiness comes from the fact that you pushed and persevered after ever fall and fail. My challenge to you all is to succeed in 3 things in the next 2 years and don't have the award on your mind, but try to enjoy the work behind it and when you get the award, don't show it off. Place it somewhere where no one including you will have to see it everyday, so as to not cause a sense of arrogant pride for yourself. An award often gives people a sense of completion, but you should never stop aiming for more. Never.

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